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What we are About

Did you know that apart from the homepage, this page, the about page, is the second most visited on any website.


Why you wonder?History The SEO Project

Readers like to see what it is they are dealing with.  So they like to read some history maybe or reviews or even just better understand the business they are wanting to deal with, so here goes!


So although this website is fairly new to this internet world, the idea, the process and also the experience are of long standing.

Before google introduced Local SEO and had many many updates – oh and how they scare some – more later on that – it was a fairly straightforward thing.

  • So back pre recession ie 2006 ish,
  • You created a good WordPress site or even Joomla.
  • You installed a plugin and ensured you had keywords
  • H1 tags etc and also sorted out your meta title.
  • You placed your keywords in strategic parts of the page, even bolded them, and hey voila you were halfway there.

Then we had keyword domains that various bought and used.  Yes we were guilty of that as well, and had websites such as handymaninwarrington ranked for that phrase, it was all relatively easy.

Then came those wonderful updates and Google started to get smart and realise the amount of websites was blown out of the water, so it needed better more specific criteria to rank websites.

So this is where we come in.  We have spent the last 12 years learning, tweaking and yes even struggling at times to understand and implement googles updates.

So coming up to date then, Local SEO is now the way to go to get ahead in this modern world of GDPR.  You can’t cold call or cold email anymore so need to find other means to approach your customers – so yes, Local SEO is the way to go.

Present Day

You need to have a certain geek tendency to work in this field, and yes we all have it in spades.  We go out and network in places you wouldn’t think of, and we have a very relaxed way of working as well.  As long as the client is first in our thoughts, we simply buckle down when we need to and then spend time working on personal projects perhaps when we get the chance.

We are strong believers in letting our people set the pace of work as we feel we get better from them.  So yes, if you get the head honcho answering the phone, its because everyone else is busy and we are not too precious.

You will also find the Management Team doing the butty run for the rest of us.

Guess that makes us slightly more informal, but our skillset means we don’t have time to play at office politics, we have customers who need us to work to the best of our ability.

Why use Us?

  • Experience
  • We talk English not tech jibberishMeeting Coffee Cake
  • We keep you informed at all times
  • We give you backend access to what we are doing
  • We’ll even buy you coffee and cakes

Contact us via social media, or give us a call on the number above, or simply drop in and we can chat and explain how we work.