digital and social changes

Digital and Social Changes

With the advent of GDPR, digital and social changes, and all that it entails, its getting difficult to legally find new leads.

You have to have a good reason, ie previous contact or feel your service is essential (use of this word to be determined by the powers that be) to either email or cold call.

Its a scary place we now live in where privacy has suddenly become top of the agenda, even on a business to business level.

So, do you face the wrath and potential fines to do the cold calling or do you find alternatives to get that vital business.


Traditionally, snail mail, email and cold calling were the mainstay.

Now you have to turn to alternatives, or simply realise that there are some means that have been around for a long while, but you were scared to think about them.

To be found on google you had to be listed on the front page or first page – and usually you needed a big budget or an expert knowledge of google adwords to bring in the leads.

Now you have more localised pages on google and this is where we come in.

Local SEO

Head to google and type in your profession and the place you would like your customers to be, and at the top of the page you will see how many are listed, which is usually in the millions.

seo strategyIf you spend your time and money wisely though, you can rank on that first page for your keyword or profession in your local area.

Or you could simply use us to do that for you and let you go and do what you do best.  After all, we specialise in getting you on that first page twice – yes you read it right, twice.  Once in google places and once as part of the listings.

Challenge us – let us see how many times more we can get you on there without any extra cost to you, oh and did we mention the video marketing we do as well for you for free?