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What is Content Marketing?


Think of Content Marketing and SEO as storytelling and visualise that in your mind.  It’s been around for a long time under many names, but if using the words storytelling helps you, then use it.

content marketing and seo

It’s about great storytelling that holds your attention.  After all, what is the point in slaving for hours over a steaming keyboard when you lose your audience on the second sentence.  Oh and if you are still reading, thanks for making it past the second one.

So now we have the basics of content marketing, why is it important and what are the best uses of it?


What is SEO?

Ok, hold on, yes I jumped a little bit then, but to understand better why content marketing is important, we have to cross this one off the list as well.

Content Marketing and SEO

So, SEO – I can’t believe that most won’t know what it is or what is does, but some seem reluctant to realise the importance of it.

So to be boring and perhaps a tad pedantic – SEO is Search Engine Optimisation.

I said those words out loud to my mother last week, as she made the mistake of asking me what I do.  Safe to say that at age 76, she didn’t get it, but did her best to sound interested.

So SEO is using various strategies to get your website or a certain page, ranked to the highest possible place in a search engine, so that when potential clients do a search, your business appears up there and encourages them to click through and visit your website.  

Content Marketing and SEO are vital to each other.  Why? Well content is king, and SEO means you get it read, so one without the other is just a piece of paper with lots of words on it.


Content Marketing Strategy

Ok, so now we fully understand the above definitions,

  • How do they work together?
  • Why should they?
  • How do I go about it?

content marketing strategy

Ok, so ask yourself then one simple question; Why am I writing this article?

Got an answer?

Ok, so perhaps I should get some more questions asked then for you to think about.

  • What do my customers want to get from my content?
  • What needs does the content fulfil?
  • Will the content help them or answer questions for them?
  • How will I know if the content marketing strategy is a success?

Ok, so you need to understand your customers, your potential customers and your audience.  Once you have done this, you can then work out what they want to read, what format is best, any call to actions you need and also, not forgetting the SEO part of it, what essential keywords and layout works and how to put together a Content Marketing and SEO strategy.

Using something like mindmaps – where you can visualise, as after all, most of us respond better to pictures – use it to set out your goals and aims and how people will get to it.

I use mindmaps all the time, be it online or a simple whiteboard here in the office.

Would it surprise you know that there is also help from the Content Marketing Institute who can also help you to get a strategy in place.

Visit them here to see more:

Hubspot also provide a downloadable workbook that will help you set out what you need from it.  I am a big fan of Hubspot using their CRM to manage my client contacts and sales and marketing funnels.


Social Media Marketing

Ok, aren’t we jumping about again?

Not really!social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is one way to start telling people about your storytelling.  

Using something like Canva, make some eye catching graphics and infographics that will tell your social media audience about your content.

Ok, so thought this article was about SEO and Content Marketing – so why do I need to use Social Media Marketing as well?

Yes, you are right it’s about SEO, and using it on the articles/storytelling page format will get you listed, but also getting traffic to read it will also help with your ranking.  Linking to it and getting others to – don’t be shy asking various to share it for you – will send vital signals to the search engines that the article has authority and isn’t just something tapped out in minutes.

Which then leads me on to an actual strategy.


Digital Marketing Strategy

So, have I still got your attention?  Good.

Setting out a digital marketing strategy will tie in with the content marketing strategy and once you have it in place – other essential plans are formed off of it.

So what should you include in it?

  • About your company
  • What you do at present for marketing
  • How you performed in the past
  • Objectives
  • Goals
  • Target Audience
  • Competitors
  • Your marketing plan
  • Timeframe

You need to sit down and again, if it helps, use mindmaps, to set the plan in motion, and of course review it along the way.

All too many write the various plans, read them, digest, then place at the back of a dark cupboard, for them to never appear again – WRONG – they are they for you to review on a regular basis to work out what is going right and what you are doing wrong.

Perhaps, it’s the numbers person in me, but I can’t stress enough, measurement of all things in your business is the only way you can grow.  How can you work out what is bringing in the money and what is not without measure of some sort.

If you want to chat further we are more than happy to oblige – give us a call or follow us on social media.

I hope my little article has helped you better understand how content marketing and SEO are intertwined and how one without the other is a waste of your precious time.






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