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Google Reviews


Do you ask for Google reviews and testimonials ?

Why not?testimonials and reviews

Do you understand how important they can be?

Ok, some questions then that need answering.

So firstly then, do you? Ask for them that is? No? Why ever not?

They have a twofold purpose.

Firstly, they are used to help your local rankings, they provide credibility in the eyes of the great god Google. 

So why do I need this then?

  • Well you want Google to like your website don’t you?
  • You want to be listed higher
  • You want customers to find you

Ok, so what should I do about it?

  • Set up a system so that when you have a happy customer/client, you send them a quick email with a link asking them to review you
  • Then go review the review and answer it if you are happy and if you are not – certainly don’t go and denigrate them, simply offer an apology and offer the fix the problem.
  • Ok so that last point means you have an unhappy customer – but you didn’t realise until they left the review – you thought they were happy – so use this opportunity to show other potential customers, that you are a human business that goes that step further to make people happy – turn it in to a positive not a negative.



Slightly different from reviews – you can use them on your website and also your social media – don’t be shy about sharing them.

Again, as soon as you have a happy customer/client – ask them for it – ask them if you can link to their website or put their name, or both.  This gives credibility.

Oh and don’t forget to thank them for it if done on social media.testimonials and google reviews

A quick trick for you here  if its left on your Facebook page, tag them in your reply – that way your business name appears on their page as well for all of there friends/clients to be able to see and go check out.

Always see potentials anywhere and everywhere.

Go set something up, or (and here is the plug) let us help you out with it

Hope this helps.



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