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Why Aspirations are important to SEO

Welcome to this our Local SEO Company Blog where we hope to deal with the hopes and aspirations of Local SEO

The SEO ProjectSome once said if you put down in writing all your hopes and aspirations then that would help them happen.

I wonder how many out there even thought to add the internet, or websites, or social media in its many forms to their lists?

We now take for granted something that has really only evolved in the last 20 years.  Where once children did their homework using books parents had or visiting the library – they now have all that at their fingertips on the internet.

They can chat to friends online using computer or laptops or tablets or even phones designed to mostly not be used to speak to people.  I wonder how evolution will cope with the advent of texting on phones and what our hands will look like eventually.

Oh, its no bad thing, progress is a necessity, otherwise as a human race we would simply curl up and vegetate.

I will admit though and perhaps this is an age thing – that I do like it when during the day, all technology is switched off and people sit and talk to each other.

Its certainly something we encourage here, as well as space to go away and think and maybe just come back with a good idea or three.

So my hopes and aspirations for this blog is that each and everyone will come along and pen something, be it a funny tale, or a wonderfully useful tip or even a secret from us to you, so watch this space – oh and if you think of something you want us to chat about, then drop us a line via the email listed or come find us on the various social media platforms and we can hopefully oblige.

Oh and if we have missed anything then please, we don’t take the hump, rather we accept graciously and just get on with it.





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