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I know this might sound silly but do you continue to use your company logo instead of using humans in marketing campaigns?  Do you use the logo in social media thinking it will help reinforce your brand instead of using your own picture?  The best way, even on this thing called the internet to connect with customers and to see success from it, is to use humans! Ok, that does sound strange, but people interact with a face, so why on earth do you continue to stick a logo up?

The face or human in your marketing campaign allows the personality to come through, allows people to feel connected, and when connected they purchase.

So when you are thinking of your branding, yes be consistent, but also be aware that faces make money for you.  Include personal – yet professional pictures – no one wants the beach body one on show to see – in your campaigns, give customers a reason to approach and buy.


More and more people are putting profile pictures on their business cards, be it on the front or back – but they are seeing the results from being associated with the logo and the brand.

You become identifiable and trustworthy, which in turn then leads to more business. So they feel they know you.  They have after all, seen your face, they think they understand you, and will pick up the phone to speak to you or will email you.

To prove a point there is a generic image at the top of this post – do you feel its trustworthy or would you prefer looking at my mug or the cartoon version of it?gill

Question for those reading this then – do you prefer a real picture ie genuine of does the cartoon one work as well?gill

Lets do some quick research here – why not?

Not the best picture possibly, but I am just trying to show that by simply posting this photo, you feel slightly more connected to me and that perhaps I am not an invisible body that’s just trying to get money out of you without getting you to trust me.

Its small things like this that help build your brand as a trustworthy business and in these days where customer service and reviews have a greater weight to them – isn’t that important?






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