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SEO Case Studies

Having taken a little time out over the weekend to plot and plan, we decided it was time to put up some SEO case studies that people can actually read about on our website.

We would usually send out a pdf covering this, but decided at the weekend to create the page and showcase some of our successes.

What Makes a Good Case Study?

Ok, so we sat and thought about what you the customer would want to know about, what you wanted to hear happens to make things work.  We wondered if you needed to read all and everything or if that would switch you off and give send you in to information overload.

We then thought, we would run the language used as well passed our mothers, as we get caught up in ‘SEO Geekness’.

We have listed the essential elements, that we think you would want to see happening if you used our services.  So here goes with a couple of case studies.

Passion Pet Foods

Ok so this was an online dog and cat grain free pet food website that was built using one of the many online shop systems.  It had a twitter account and facebook page, but passion pet foods

both had stopped being used.

So we immediately built a new website, as the original one was part of the package and we needed to move away from that particular platform in order to take control of the SEO.  We then spent time ensuring that the page titles for each product were search engine friendly, that each page had relevant content and that the on-page SEO was working.

So we then went and literally wrote a 120 word quick guest blog on a good ranking website.  The aim of this was not to rank for the relevant keywords – it was literally just to start attracting links – and this it did.  So over the week, we gained quite a lot of good backlinks to the website.  So knowing we are starting to attract links, we then sat down and wrote half a dozen blog posts – long ones, with lots of lovely pictures and also a couple of youtube videos.  These have now started to be listed and are moving up the ranks quite quickly.

We then took over the facebook page and analysed when the best best reach and engagement was, and started to post up various pictures asking for interaction from those reading it.  To date we have regained the attention of most of the people who originally liked the page a year ago and had lost interest.  We have also gained some new likes and customers are now starting to use this to come and buy.

Of course, as with most things, this will be an ongoing client for us, and we will continue to use social sharing, building relevant links and posting up lots of new articles to gain more attention.


Plumbing and Heating Specialists Warrington

As you can see from the name, we wanted to get lots of local SEO organised for this plumbing client.

They were getting customers from word of mouth, but were looking to grow the business, so needed other means of gaining business.

Emergency 24/7 plumbersWe then took the website and organised the on-page SEO.  We put in new images with relevant tags, took the page titles and made them friendly.  We then looked at the ‘behind the scenes’ part of a website – the coding, and added some very google friendly programming to it.

We then went and listed the business on Google My Business ensuring we picked the correct categories for it, that we had an address and phone number that matched website to listing, and that we then inserted the google map on to the website as a big red indicator to google that we wanted attention for it.

As with all our projects, we ensure we have phone number and email contact details on each and every page.

Part of our strategy with Local SEO is to make sure we have citations listed correctly and the same across all channels, so this we spent time doing.

Again, this will be an ongoing client, in that we will continue to write blog posts, continue to build relevant links, continue to get correct citations, and we are also now about to launch a youtube channel for them.


To find out more, head to our contact page and drop us a line.