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Reputation Management Solutions

Bad reviews can destroy your reputation online, so this is when you need reputation management solutions.

online reviews

Some stats:

  • 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • 90% of people say online reviews influence their purchase decision
  • 7/10 customers will leave a review if asked to do so
  • 74% of customers say that positive reviews make them trust a business more
  • 73% of customers think that reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant




We will perform all the following to ensure that everything and anything is being monitored online and we can react to it immediately.


  • Presence – help you be found by your customers
  • Listen – find out what your customers are saying
  • Positive Reviews – Prompt positive reviews from customers
  • On Site Reviews – promote online feedback
  • Alerts – stay up to date with real time reviews
  • Control – Manage negative reviews.

So, we set up alerts to ensure we get daily news on what is being said about you on line.  We then react accordingly, so if we find bad reviews, we will contact them and find out what happened and how we can ensure it changes.  We also find out if the review is genuine and not just some competitor trying to gain the advantage.  If this is the case, we will then get it removed.

We will contact all existing clients who have not yet left a review and ask them for one, prompting them to several places to do so, and we will set in place a system that means, when you have just finished with a happy customer, they will also go leave a good review.

Its all about keeping on top of it and reacting immediately to anything to make sure there is no ill effects from it.

We would normally charge a monthly price for this, and only ask that you sign up for a minimum of three months so that we can show you how good we are, after that, you merely need to give us 30 days notice.  But, we hope you are so happy with our service that you just carry on with us.

To chat more about it, please come find us on social media or call us or email via our contact page.