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Social Media Management

Do you really need social media management?

Your future customers are on social media.  Is your business?

Lets face it. Everyone is on Facebook. You are, I am. Your customers are too.  So why aren’t you building a page for your business that drives awareness and builds your audience?

Social Media – Where We Come In

It can be overwhelming.

Design a website, create a Facebook page, come up with an ad, some copy.  Convince people to visit the page.  All very daunting.

So this is the good bit – this is where we come in.

We build your brand online and help you to grow.

We work out where your customer will be on the many different parts of social media, which one is the most effective or rather, which ones, we build your brand and voila your customers will find you.

Once they have found you, we can then engage with them, encourage them to share with other potential customers, and to then buy from you.  After all, this is what you want – money in the bank.

How we Can Help Your Business

We use the best creatives around to build a profile that has shareable images that drive engagement with current and future customers.

If part of your remit is to grow the profiles, we can then get that done for you as well – using other social media profiles to promote yours.

Our writers create content for your profile that is both interesting and relevant to your target market.social media

We then create ads for your business that leverage user data, demographics. location and interests.

We then report back to you on a regular basis to keep you in the loop and ensure you are happy.

What Next?

If you are happy with the outcome of our conversation, we then sign you up for a minimum of three months so we can show you how good we are.

So book a chat with us using our appointment page is you so wish, or simply find us on social media – on twitter, or facebook, drop us a message and we will speak further to work out what is best for your business.